José Gonzáles – Heartbeats

This weekend I re-watched The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. The cinematography in this film is absolutely breathtaking but what really makes it special is the incredible soundtrack featuring mostly José Gonzáles.

Gonzáles has this dreamy, whisper-y voice that feels like the perfect mixture of (the artist formerly known as) Cat Stevens and Iron and Wine but with classical guitar.

Perhaps one of the most well-known songs recorded by this handsome Argentinian-Swedish gentleman is, “Heartbeats,” but did you know that “Heartbeats” is actually a cover song?!

It was originally recorded in 2003 by another Swedish band called The Knife. Listen to the original track here. The Knife came around during the amazing electrocore revival of the early 2000s but failed to really take off and ended in 2014 Meanwhile, the Gonzales version was certified gold in the UK and of course, Scrubs.

Check out this charming recording of José Gonzáles below. Swoon-worthy.

I promise I’m not obsessed with Swedish bands.