Paper Planes – Slumberjack ft. K. Flay

Remember when I said I’d be featuring more Triple J radio stuff in the future? Well, mama don’t lie.

This cover is fresh! It was just posted on April 27. Australian DJ duo Slumberjack teamed up with experimental hop hip artist K. Flay and a three piece string section to deliver this haunting version of the 2007 hit “Paper Planes” by M.I.A.

Paper Planes is dark, twisty and political. In this cover, Slumberjack taps into that darkness and turns it up a notch.. Their style is very moody in general so I think this is a fitting mashup.

Is it weird that I imagine this cover could be featured in a Marvel universe movie score?

Comment below and tell me what you think!

(Side note: I just want to say that Paper Planes totally takes me back to one of my favorite guilty pleasure movies: Pineapple Express. *giggles* )


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